Historical Postcards

Another major project of the Northern Cross is the publication of postcards dedicated to the life and history of the Russian emigration. The initiator, inspirer, and main driver in the project’s implementation was historian of the Russian diaspora, Yuriy Sandulov. The goal of the Historical Postcard Preservation Project is to promote Russian culture in America and the history of relations between Russia and the United States – the interpenetration of the two great countries.

The postcards show rare photographs from the history of the Russian diaspora, unique documents related to the activities of the emigrant military, naval and public organizations, awards and badges of the White Armies, and portraits of people significant for emigration: politicians, artists, writers, scientists, and Orthodox hierarchs. Several series of postcards are dedicated to the architecture of the churches of Orthodox America. Twenty-six sets of postcards have already been published and are not only popular among people interested in history, but also among collectors as well.

A series of postcards "Portraits of Emigration" Photo artist Boris Ostrovsky

A series of postcards dedicated to the work of the emigrant artist Konstantin Podushkin

A series of postcards dedicated to the awards badges of the White armies during the Civil War

A series of postcards dedicated to the history of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia (The Novo-Diveevo Convent)

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