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The Northern Cross is a bright constellation that Russian sailors used in the past as a guide to return to their native shore. It is also now a charitable organization based in New York (USA), called the Northern Cross (Northern Cross Media).

The main objective of the Northern Cross is to promote the works devoted to historical, philosophical, archival, and cultural studies related to the «Russian diaspora». Through the work of the Northern Cross Organization, Russian-American ties are being strengthened to keep knowledge of roots and culture for generations to come.

The members of Northern Cross are those who are interested in the history of Russian diaspora, who have interest in the fate of the Russian heritage, and those who live in America and have not forgotten Russia.
Among the activists of the organization there is a diverse group of young people, students, graduates of universities and colleges, and emigrants who came to America as children, or were born here, but have still integrated their roots and ancestors into their lives.

The Northern Cross sees its mission in creating a platform for communication between Russian and American scholars, as well as publishers of books on the history of Russia. It researches all waves of emigration and studies the contribution of Russian emigrants to American life, culture, science, and economy.
The Northern Cross remains outside of politics, doing everything to bring our people closer together and to have a better understanding of one another.

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